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I had seen my wife with another woman, it was only by chance, I learned, had the confidence I thought I had lost in the sands, which had to come to the new way of life, Jean hoped would open to me and I liked say something, but that's something I did not want to talk about it seems to me, or did not know This afternoon I got home, I clock at six, when I was in the things that normal, Jean and kissed him I was asked how she was dressed as usual, said they always find it funny, how can a woman have sex and an hour later all purplepornstars signs have no idea, I knew I had or had observed had our dinner E n the subject of her friend Susan community, for example, I had never seen before, Jean said to me, I would have tried them confessed their long, he said, find something nice while Jean said s beautiful? If the stores, purplepornstars so I came home purplepornstars shortly after you left, I had to do some things, not let him go, so I told Susan good but a bit old, Jean beholdoked and I said no and she is very attractive, too, who told me that you think, she said yes, enjoy what they say I told you not to invite their friends as before, you should ask about Susan Jean looked at me as if to say, what do you mean, you have to discuss a lot of girls, Jean smiled and said, I think I'll ask purplepornstars him, it was nice to have a chat n So I had the door open for Jean opened, now I have to say I jumped, but it would be a matter has changed people, some candidates seemed to be lined up profiles so that we saw was very interested in trying out, a kid from the West Indies had a naked picture of himself, seemed very fit, with the tail was very weak, it seemed like a big can be right, if raised, said it was very good n and individuals with experience, I Jean said that to see where it would go, and to respond to him when he believed, was pleased to have agreed and mail later, the phone rang, it was Tony, I gave that JeanThey started chatting, which gave me time to look at e- mails, which was one of Susan was hi dear, that finally made ​​the leap, you are wonderful I really love you, what is in a fixed relationship I can see now, my play, went Jean was still on the phone, she looked at me and said, purplepornstars now I ask you, I could get Tony in the morning by the afternoon the station, who nodded his head, itself is well said, after she hung up hugged me thank you dear, she seemed happy, so it does not become a lesbian after sleeping with Susan, in the evening, Jean, who had hot sex was when I was felt that they had sex, but was not as wet as it is sometimes, her pussy was not tight loose, I red spots in the ass, when Susan had defeated tony the next night on the train that had collected was very talkative up to the house in jeans were very happy to see him, we had dinner, and said, as if this was something thathappened every day, even watched a little TV together, with two of them snuggled on the couch, thinking of his strange how natural it was, my wife away with the toys of your child from your black stallion young I had my feet except the real and always turned around, until then had not really had much attention, I looked up, her breasts Jean Blouse was reversed, he saw a pink nipple and was harder than the other , who had been sucking, the skirt had risen to the top of her thighs, her hand fat around your penis, increase Jean looks at me, I've said before going to bed, she nodded and purplepornstars the three we went to the top with in the bedroom, we all ended up naked in bed purplepornstars with Jean in the center and together, had a cock in each hand, sat down and sucked one and then the other, purplepornstars Tony ready to go, as always, I was playing Jean was wet and ready for bed, as Tony moved into position, I sat down to look for ot then I asked Jean put it, I put myThe hand between them and the cock up and walks away For the head of the foreskin, rubbed my thumb over the end, he liked, then she sat down in the hole the love of my wife, who came forward with his hand as I used to turn the lips, slid in easily in the end, I threw my hand I find that until I had to purplepornstars let go, when he invaded Jean in her moans, I sat and watched the namely bed began to move forward with his punches, Tony has the force, the first of many cruise was Jean went to look, I joke and sat watching as the bed shook, big stayer Tony not give all you fucks hard fast and take a long time If it was a sleeping car, which will be a collector as a child, purplepornstars had his way he has taken the pace and rhythm purplepornstars I saw Jean could be that she, her purplepornstars tits, which gels as two chest felt like she took his punches, gasped, my hand and squeezed it hard, as its climax was building it, shrugged, trying to cash hips under him, Legs lifted, as if it is needed, and let out a cry of God, and broke threw the climax, Tony seemed to go faster, it seemed that Jean, relax a little, still shacking and agitation in the face of Tony seemed like he was in pain, which crashed against it, panting, tore a couple of times, and emptied his balls into my wife, when he rolled his cock purplepornstars entered the juice Jean was half-round open pussy white sperm over, I pushed between her legs and licked the juices in my mouth while kissing When Jean was shocked myself several times more sperm leaked, I think he cum I mess cleaned up, I think, this purplepornstars was the first time he had done before her lover, I feel a little embarrassed when I left, the two looked at me, smiled at the two, and then said thank Jean Darling, who wanted for me, please, when I went to bed she has my cock in her mouth, a wonderful feeling looked down to see Tony 's hand around it and held it for her, she was in theIs pumped at the end was a purplepornstars couple of times to stop Jean swallowed the lot was with them, since most fucked up, it was Jean who wanted to rest, as was Jean wisper wish you well in the next, and nodded hose, KY, Jean paid me some attention, so it was hard, and then straddled Tony, who held his cock as he fell on it, began to jump on it, I behind her like that made Jean slowed and then stopped, bowed slightly, her ass looks like a dart bored, I opened the end of it, then struggled to produce, was like a clamp around my dick hell to an end, swallowed everything he had to give, Tony, how ridge was under the tail, which was transferred first from the point, I could feel her underneath me when I started to move on, let's go his jeans grab her ass for a bit, met in a rhythm, I knew I could not take a long time, so I let him do his thing an idiot I at the same time she pushed me right into the movement with Jean when we purplepornstars won the two together s that I had to leave to goIn the end I was there and hard, I'm purplepornstars sure he felt his cock swell am, shot a his luck as well, all separated, so I have Jean was in my hack, which exceeded the wine and could lead in my face, I have two holes, he looked after this time, both complete, I licked all we have in him, and I concave get I left it after some sleep, I fell asleep and the bed was where, in the morning, I stopped to Tony to get the train going to work
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